If you missed La Casa de Bernarda Alba and Yerma online streamings last year, you cannow watch them from the comfort of your school, on different classrooms or if one of your students can’t make it, he/she can watch it from home.

Price: £18 per student and £18 per teacher.

A £0.90 booking fee per ticket applies.

Duration: 2 hours 7 mins (this includes the Q&A)

This is how it works:

  • Contact us to book a date and time convenient to you and your students at
  • Request a link to pay for you and your students.
  • We will send you another link and a password to watch your chosen streaming.
  • Be aware that the password only works 5 or 10 minutes before your session is about to start.
  • On the day, log in 5 or 10 minutes before the agreed time.
  • Remember to activate the English subtitles (the performance is in Spanish), if your students need them(you can read how to do this on the FAQs section below and/or on the virtual room once you log in).

We hope you enjoy them!


Si te perdiste los streamings de La Casa de Bernarda Alba y Yerma el año pasado, ahora puedes verlos desde tu colegio sin necesidad de desplazarte, si lo necesitas en diferentes aulas y si por casualidad uno de tus alumnos no pudiera, lo podría ver desde casa.

Precio: £18 (entrada estudiante) £18 (entrada de profesor/a)

Más comisión de reserva de £0.90 la entrada.

Duración: 2 horas y 7 minutos (Coloquio incluido)

Cuál es el proceso:

  • Ponte en contacto para reservar el día y la hora que os venga mejor a ti y a tus estudiantes en
  • Pide el enlace para pagar tus entradas y las de tus alumnos.
  • Se te proporcionará otro enlace y una contraseña para acceder a los streamings.
  • El día del streaming: sigue el enlace e inicia la sesión 5 o 10 minutos antes de la hora convenida.
  • Recuerda activar los subtítulos, si tus alumnos los necesitan (información más detallada sobre cómo hacer esto en las Preguntas Más Frecuentes aquí debajo y/o en el aula virtual una vez hayas accedido a través del enlace)
  • Ten en cuenta que la contraseña que te mandemos solo funcionará 5 o 10 minutos antes de que empiece la sesión.



  1. Is there anything that I should take into account before starting to watch the


Yes, you need to click on CC (this is at the bottom of the video on the right handside) to show the subtitles. We have uploaded them in English and in

Spanish and you can choose the language. Also, for a better experience, we

recommend that you play the video with 1080pHD. This can be modified by

selecting the cogwheel at the bottom right of the video player.


  1. Is the streaming of The House of Bernarda Alba a recording?


Yes, it is the recording of the production we staged in 2017.


  1. Is the price £15 for a licence or a subscription?


No, this is neither a licence nor a subscription. You are purchasing a ticket to

view the production.


  1. When will I get the link and how?


Please be aware that the link and a specific password will be sent the day

before the streaming. The link and password will be sent to the person who

pays for the tickets. It will expire after two hours and a half.


  1. Can I see the streaming in one computer and project it in class to my



Yes, you can but please bear in mind that every single person has to

purchase a ticket.


  1. Can my students or my students’ parents pay online for their tickets?


Yes, they can. We can send them a link to pay.


  1. What platform do you use to show the recording of the streaming?


The platform is Vimeo. You don’t need to create an account; simply follow the

link and you will be able to watch it.


  1. What if I don’t receive the link?


First, check your spam folder. Secondly, check with the person who

purchased the tickets or your school Finance department if they did so. Third,

email as soon as possible.


10.What happens if once I log in I get a message saying: “Video not available.

This video is restricted. Please check your network administrator restrictions”?


Please contact your IT department technician as there might be firewalls or

other features blocking the streaming of the video.If that still doesn’t help, please try changing browser.